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Cozy Up With SoCozy : Kids Styling Products
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Cozy Up With SoCozy : Kids Bath-Time & Styling Products

This post is sponsored by SoCozy.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

True story: My 4 year old has never had a hair cut… crazy right?!  She has very long, naturally straight hair, and I love it.  That being said, if there is one thing I don’t love about her hair… it’s the tangles we battle on a daily basis! Extra long hair means extra tangles and extra frustration to untangle.  I don’t know if you have ever tried to comb through tangly bed-head before, but it is a chore, especially when you are working with an irrational toddler who doesn’t fully understand it’s importance.  Brushing, combing, and styling her hair is like WWIII in our home, every single day.  I have been {almost} desperate for a product that would be kid-friendly and help make this daily routine easier… and I’ve finally found it!  Let me introduce you to our new bath-time friend – SoCozy. Continue Reading

This Winter BUNDLE UP In Style | Featuring The Children's Place
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This Winter BUNDLE UP In Style | Featuring The Children’s Place

I love jackets, scarfs, hats, gloves and just about anything winter clothes related. So when it comes to picking out adorable winter looks for my girls, I have way too much fun!  Contrary to popular belief, Phoenix can still get chilly in the winter. Subzero? No.  Teens to 30’s? You betchya.  For this reason, I need to get my girls ready for the change in season.  For my little ones, I love bundling them up in the marshmallow-like puffer jackets with a coordinating hat. There is nothing cuter in my mind than a BUNDLED marshmallow running around!

This Winter BUNDLE UP In Style | Featuring The Children's Place Continue Reading

From Summer To Fall | Transitioning Your Graphic Tees

Autumn Attire: From Summer To Fall – Transitioning Your Graphic Tees

I am always looking for a way to successfully transition my seasonal looks into my already steady wardrobe.  I love to find ways to mix and match my previously owned clothing with new trendy pieces.  One item that I love mixing around with each season are my graphic tees.  I have a couple staple tees that I adore and with a few minor tweaks and accessories, I can transition my summer look into a fall look, all while still wearing my graphic tees on the regular.

Here are a few of my favorite graphic tee looks mixed in with my fall favorites…

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How To Make A STATEMENT : Statement Necklaces

One thing I have learned about fashion is that it is easy to make a statement… with the help of one simple accessory.  A great necklace is my go-to statement piece for every look.  Whether you are dressing up a graphic tee, adding a pop of color or a little sparkle, you can take your look from day to night with a blingy accessory.

Here are three different ways to add a statement necklace to your go-to look!

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1st Day of PRE-K

Back To School In STYLE | 1st Day of Pre-K

…And just like that, school is back in session.  My 4 year old started Pre-K and you know what that means, this is her last year before Kindgeraten and then she is in school FOREVER! Okay, so I am being a little dramatic, but my little girl only has one more year before all-day school begins.  I am so thankful for Preschool because it is only 3 half days a week.  It is just enough time to give this mama a break, and allow my daughter the opportunity to continue growing her independence and socializing and educational skills that I can’t provide her at home.  BUT… I also love that we still get plenty of time together to continue enjoying our mother/daughter relationship.  Preschool is a great thing and I am so excited for her and the new year ahead! #proudmommymoment 🙂 Continue Reading