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Our Telluride Getaway {RECAP}

We did it!…  My husband and I went on 4-day, kid-free, Telluride-Colorado getaway.  No one got sick, no one got hurt … it was a success!  Of course, I captured way too many photos of our beautiful and snowy time in Telluride, so I chose a few of my favorites to share with you.  Grab a hot latte, sit back and enjoy! Continue Reading


SNOW – Much – Fun!

Last weekend we traveled to the mountains of Arizona to celebrate an early Christmas with our family.  We were able to experience the chilly Decem-BURRR weather and even find some snow!  We got all bundled up (my favorite!) had snowball fights and of course took many family snowfies.  It was Payton’s first experience with snow and she seemed to really enjoy it, or at least be mesmerized by it.  It was a highlight of our weekend and I had to share some of our snowy adventures! Continue Reading