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Raising Girls
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Raising Girls

If I could have asked my younger self where I would be at age 31… I promise you I never would have imagined a mom to two beautiful girls! I always thought that I would make a great boy-mom, and truly anticipated having a home full of dirt-covered little dudes and a family room covered in sports balls and legos!  BOY was I wrong! God has a great sense of humor.  Instead I have a home full of princess dresses, an over-sized bright-pink Barbie Dream house, drawers of bows and headbands, and baby dolls around every corner… and the crazy part is, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Raising Girls

It is true when they say Jesus has you exactly where you should be. I have never felt so blessed for my family and my surroundings.  Continue Reading


Put Your Marriage First

FACT: When you are doing stuff that matters, you will become fatigued.

9 months and 22 days… This is the time that has passed since my husband and I welcomed Payton into the world. As parents, we strive to model a life of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, humility, confidence, hard-work, and self control.  In all of that, it is easy to be laser-focused on raising our children and lose sight of the driving force behind our children… our marriage. Although we have a great marriage, to say that “marriage is easy” would be misleading. We believe whole-heartedly that great marriages don’t happen on accident… A great marriage is never without hardwork, commitment, and a gritty determination to make it great. Continue Reading