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SwimZip swimwear
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Mommy Break {Featuring : SwimZip} Sun Safe & Stylish Swimwear

:: Splash into summer in style with this adorable, sun safe swimwear line.  Let me introduce you to SwimZip. ::

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As my family likes to jokingly point out, I am one fair-skinned mama!… So naturally, my poor kiddos inherited fair skin too.  As residents of Arizona, it is a daily challenge to keep us all protected from the sun while doing life outside.  But when I came across the brand SwimZip, I was thrilled to learn that their adorable swimwear products protect from harmful UV rays with SPF 50+ sun-protected material and is fashionable enough to be worn anywhere.  This company is my dream come true!

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Lucy & Leo Clothing
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Mommy Break { Featuring : Lucy & Leo – Organic Children’s Clothing }

:: Clothing on a Mission ::

Today’s Mommy Break Feature was inspired by a cute pop-up-shop I found while visiting the concrete jungle where dreams are made of (…Que Alicia Keys and Jay-Z), on a girl’s trip to NYC last Christmas.  I literally stumbled upon this sweet children’s clothing shop while doing some Christmas shopping in Bryant Park.  Side note; Bryant Park at Christmas time has got to be one of the cutest outdoor boutique shopping experiences I have ever visited.  It’s holiday charm meets hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, and it’s filled with the most adorable small businesses.  If you are ever in New York in December, visit Bryant Park, it is straight out of a movie! … Sorry, back to Lucy & Leo. 🙂 Continue Reading

Little Standout Teether
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Mommy Break { Featuring : Little Standout – Teether }

I interrupt your busy day with a much needed MOMMY BREAK… This company makes the most adorable silicone baby teethers.  I especially love the story behind the brand, Little Standout.  They saw a need and through great design and imagination they brought their dream to life. BONUS: There is a teether giveaway at the end of this post.

:: #iLOVEthisCompany :: #LittleStandout :: #HashtagTeether ::

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Kat & TImbo - Silk Scarfs
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Mommy Break {Featuring} : Kat.and.Timbo – Silk Scarfs

I interrupt your busy day with a much needed MOMMY BREAK!… to tell you about these luxurious silk scarfs that I absolutely adore!  And Bonus … you have a chance to win a scarf!

Kat.and.Timbo – Silk Scarfs

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  If you are anything like me you have just enough time to throw yourself together every morning before the littles wake up.  I sport the messy topknot, comfy tee-shirt and black stretch pants on the daily; but sometimes I wish I looked a little more ‘put-together’ than I feel.  Well ladies, I have fallen in love with this fabulous mom and daughter etsy shop that can add a little splash of color to your “fashionable mom” look.  They make the most beautiful hand-dyed silk scarfs, which are the perfect accessory to throw onto any outfit to automatically make you feel more lovely and put together. Continue Reading

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Our Telluride Getaway {RECAP}

We did it!…  My husband and I went on 4-day, kid-free, Telluride-Colorado getaway.  No one got sick, no one got hurt … it was a success!  Of course, I captured way too many photos of our beautiful and snowy time in Telluride, so I chose a few of my favorites to share with you.  Grab a hot latte, sit back and enjoy! Continue Reading