Our Month In 9 Squares - July 2017
Our Month in 9 Squares

Our Month In 9 Squares – July 2017

Dear July 2017,

You were a very toasty month for us in AZ so we enjoyed our California beach getaway. You were also a month filled with milestone moments for our first born. She got her first haircut, started Kindergarten and celebrated her fifth birthday! So many sweet and bittersweet moments. Our littlest one started dance and it has become a highlight of each week.  There is something so cute about a 2 year old fluttering around in a leotard and tutu.

We have so much to be thankful for and looking back at these 9 photos is such a great reminder to be present and enjoy every minute. #feelingblessed

August, my only hope is that you bring more monsoon weather and of course more FUN!!!

:: Our Month in 9 Squares – July 2017 ::


Much Love!espressoeverafter.com#EspressoEverAfterMONTH #OurMonthIn9Squares

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