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Baby REGISTRY Must Haves | Featuring The Baby Cubby

As a mom of two little ones, I have been around the block when it comes to baby gear! I remember being pregnant for the first time trying to figure out which baby items I actually needed and which ones were not essential.  Baby stores these days are flooded with options on everything from pacifiers and bottles to car seats and strollers.  Often times, too many options leave new moms-to-be paralyzed wondering what to purchase and what to pass on.  Looking back, it would have been nice had I been given a “must have purchase guide” for new moms-to-be.  Instead I was on my own and registered for random items and hoped that they would be helpful with our new baby!  In hindsight, I made good decisions on many items, but failed miserably on others.  Time to help out any mom-to-be’s that are in this situation… Here is the official “Baby Registry Must Have Purchase Guide” for Momma’s to be… share this up, let’s help those in need!

I have partnered with The Baby Cubby on this post because they are amazing and I wish that they were around when my first daughter was born.  With their help, I want to make it easy for you and offer advice and some of my favorite go-to’s in baby items.  I will show you items that I couldn’t live without and items I wish I had when my little ones were born.  My hope is that this ‘Go-To’ list will be the perfect baby registry guide for you as you prepare for your new bundle of joy!  The Baby Cubby is not just another baby store, they are so much more. The Baby Cubby is the perfect resource as you start on your parenthood journey.  They offer an easy to use online store as well as a Utah based retail store, and I am in love with their Cubby Community Blog filled with great advice and good ideas.

What makes THE BABY CUBBY different?…  The Baby Cubby is for every parent out there who has ever felt overwhelmed or discouraged about becoming a parent.  That is why the Baby Cubby team is made up of parents who have been there, and know what it is like and are filled with passion to encourage, and inspire parents in their important role.  The way they do this is by finding the best and safest baby gear on the market and doing so by offering it to parents in a fun shopping experience.  They do things like test strollers on their stroller track, price match everyday, offer free shipping nationwide and actively engage with parents via social media and on their Cubby Community Blog.  I also love that The Baby Cubby offers an online REGISTERY for you and your new baby! They have the best of everything you’ll really need!

Here are my go-to’s in all things NEW BABY!  I hope my list will assist you as you search for what’s right for you and your new baby!

:: Baby Registry Must Haves ::

CAR SEAT – This is a MUST-HAVE item.  Your carseat is used so much, that I recommend you purchase one that is easy for you to carry and clean.  There are so many great brands and styles out there so pick one that you trust and feel safe with.  When it comes to car seats, remember that your infant car seat only lasts for the first year, so it doesn’t need to be the most expensive one on the market.  *BONUS TIP – Your infant carseat will come with an easy to snap-in base, I recommend registering/buying a second base so that you can easy and quickly transfer your baby from car to car without a big hassle!

Here are a few of my favorite carseats:

 ONE / TWO / THREEBaby Registry - The Baby Cubby

STROLLER – When picking out a stroller, plan ahead.  The stroller is one of your bigger baby purchases, but it will be a staple item that is used often.  If there is any possibility of you having more children in the future pick a stroller that can adjust from one seat to two and can grow with your family, it will seem a little pricy or unnecessary up front but you will be thankful down the road when more babies join the picture!  I also recommend that you research which style of stroller will be best fit you and your needs, one with 3-wheels and jogging capabilities is great if you live an active lifestyle and you would like to bring your little one with you on your athletic adventures, or an easy to push and light weight, 4-wheel stroller is nice for casual use.

Click HERE to see my favorite multi-seat stroller. / Click HERE to see my favorite jogging stroller / Click HERE to see my favorite everyday-use stroller.Baby Registry - The Baby Cubby

DIAPER BAG – This is one of my favorite items, because it is an accessory for you!  I have used so many different diaper bags over the years, but I must say that my favorite style is one with a convertible shoulder and backpack strap.  I love having the opportunity to carry my go-to bag different ways, and when my hubby has the girls he is thankful that my bag can convert into a backpack style.  I also recommend picking one that matches your style, yes… this bag is basically full of baby needs, but it is always on your arm.  Also, pick a bag with plenty of organizational pockets and in an easy-to-clean material; trust me this will come in handy!

I have so many favorites when it comes to diaper bags, here are a few that I LOVE!  

ONE / TWO / THREEBaby Registry - The Baby Cubby

BABY CARRIER – When you are on the go, having the opportunity to wear your little one and being hands free is a lifesaver.  I absolutely loved baby wearing because it allowed me to keep my daughter close.  I loved the snuggle and bond we shared and it made it easy to still get normal day-to-day tasks done.  You won’t miss a beat when you baby wear! There are 3 different types of baby wearing carriers: their is a typical carrier, a sling carrier and a wrap style carrier.  I have listed my favorites below, because each carrier has a different purpose.  Select the style that fits you and your families lifestyle the best.  I liked to use the sling and wrap style for the early baby stage and for nursing, and once my daughter was heavier and had more head control I lived in my 3 position carrier.

Click HERE to see my favorite baby carrier / Click HERE to see my favorite sling carrier. / Click HERE to see my favorite wrap carrier.Baby Registry - The Baby Cubby

NURSING – When it comes to nursing and feeding there are 3 products that I couldn’t live without; my breastpump, my nursing cover and my nursing pillow.  These three items go hand in hand and truly make the nursing experience more enjoyable.  When it comes to nursing/feeding products think about your comfort, convenience and ease. 🙂

Here are my favorites : Breastpump / Nursing Pillow / Nursing-Car Seat CoverBaby Registry - The Baby Cubby

MONITOR – The Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor was one item that was not around when I had my daughter, but I would have LOVED it.  Every new mom worries about their little one while they are sleeping and I love that this vitals monitor allows you to rest easy at night since the Owlet monitor will alert if your baby’s oxygen level and or heart rate drops below normal.Baby Registry - The Baby Cubby

HIGHCHAIR – I am obsessed with the more modern style highchairs they have come out with.  I personally have one that has the fabric and the big bulky look, and man is it a pain.  I love that the new models don’t have places to lose food and are easy to wipe clean, no washer or dryer needed.  Gotta love new technology.  Also, having a portable chair is so helpful when you are on-the-go or going somewhere that doesn’t have a high chair option.

Click HERE for my favorite highchair. / Click HERE for my favorite portable chair.Baby Registry - The Baby Cubby

PORTABLE BEDS & ROCKERS/BOUNCERS – These items come in handy during the most needed time – sleep!  Each of the 4 items I posted below assist in sleeping and playtime.  The rocker and bouncer comes in handy for assisting you with a fussy baby or if you just need to set them down for a little while.  These items are lifesavers.  Both of my girls loved their bouncer.  The portable bed and infant positioner are perfect for traveling with your baby or for a quick visit to grandma and grandpa’s house.  You don’t need all 4 of these products, I would select the few that truly meet your lifestyle needs and expectations.

Click HERE for my favorite portable bed. / Click HERE for my favorite sleep positioner. / Click HERE for my favorite bouncer. / Click HERE for my favorite rocker.Baby Registry - The Baby Cubby

Here are few of my favorite items that will come in handy with a new baby, and make the perfect baby shower gifts.

Baby Registry - The Baby Cubby

The Baby Cubby will always price match, even Amazon, so you know you’re getting a great deal.  They offer FREE SHIPPING everyday on any purchase over $49 and they carry the best and safest gear so you can shop confidently.  They spend hundreds of hours researching so you don’t have to!

Thank you Baby Cubby for making the adventure of parenthood easier and exciting!

This post was sponsored by The Baby Cubby.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 🙂

Don’t forget to SHARE and PIN this post … Let’s help our fellow moms out!Baby Registry - The Baby Cubby


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