1st Day of PRE-K

Back To School In STYLE | 1st Day of Pre-K

…And just like that, school is back in session.  My 4 year old started Pre-K and you know what that means, this is her last year before Kindgeraten and then she is in school FOREVER! Okay, so I am being a little dramatic, but my little girl only has one more year before all-day school begins.  I am so thankful for Preschool because it is only 3 half days a week.  It is just enough time to give this mama a break, and allow my daughter the opportunity to continue growing her independence and socializing and educational skills that I can’t provide her at home.  BUT… I also love that we still get plenty of time together to continue enjoying our mother/daughter relationship.  Preschool is a great thing and I am so excited for her and the new year ahead! #proudmommymoment 🙂

Here is a little PHOTO RECAP of her first day of Pre-K! Just call me #MAMArazzi

preschool - back to school - Pre-K preschool - back to school - Pre-K preschool - back to school - Pre-K preschool - back to school - Pre-K

Back-to-school shopping was something I looked forward to every year as a little girl.  I remember my mom would let me pick out my own goodies.  It was so much fun as the mom this time, letting my little one run around the stores picking out her favorite things.  I think back-to-school shopping will be a special tradition we will enjoy from here on out!



preschool - back to school - Pre-Kpreschool - back to school - Pre-Kpreschool - back to school - Pre-KShe picked her adorable backpack and lunch tote at Target… of course!  Her floral dress is from Old Navy and her pink cons are from Nordstrom!  All great places to shop for kids!

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