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Protectors of the A | Children’s Book Review

I have nothing but love for my alma mater – Arizona State University.  I have so much pride in my Sun Devils, and definitely bleed maroon and gold!  During my 4 years on campus, I was involved in just about every organiztion I could be, and in doing so I made many wonderful memories and friendships.  I look forward to ASU Homecoming every year, and my hubby and I love walking down memory lane with our girls in tow!  College was one of the most exciting and special times of my life, and I love reminiscing every chance I get.

Protectors of the A book

One of my favorite memories at ASU is the tradition of Guarding the “A”.  “A-Mountain” is an iconic spot on campus and each year on the week leading up to the ASU vs. UofA football game, students on campus take turns hiking up and camping out by the “A” to protect it from the rival team that wants to paint it their colors.  It is a fun (& mostly sleepless) night and I cherish all the memories I have of guarding the “A”!

So when a fellow ASU alumni and good friend of mine informed me that he and his wife wrote a children’s book about the history and story behind our infamous “A” Mountain, I jumped on the opportunity to read it and introduce my girls to the rich history at ASU!

Protectors of the A book Protectors of the A book

Let me introduce you to seriously one of the cutest children’s books, EVER… Protectors of the A!

Jason and Taylor Ake are the epitome of Sun Devil royalty.  They met, dated and fell in love at ASU, and are an adorable ASU alum married couple with two future Lil’ Sun Devils.  Because ASU is where it all began for them, they are the perfect couple to create this special book.

Protectors of the A book

Protectors of the A is a sweet children’s book that takes you on an exciting adventure through the tradition of guarding the “A”.  With adorable illustrations and precious rhyms, this book is spot on; cute, catchy, and creative!  The protectors demonstrate strength and bravery.  I especially love how they threw in ASU’s most rivaled opponents in an innocent way.  My girls love this book and it has quickly become a favorite bedtime read in our home.

Protectors of the A bookProtectors of the A book Protectors of the A book

If you are an ASU Alumn, ASU fan, or know someone who is… this book is perfect for you and them.  It is the perfect gift for a baby shower, a welcome home new baby gift or a “just because” gift.  It is definitely going to be my go-to stocking stuffer at Christmas for all of my ASU college friends; what a special way to bring our alma matter into our homes for our little ones to enjoy!

Protectors of the A book

“Protectors of the A”… This Book Gives Back:

A portion of each book sold will be donated to ASU to help develop tomorrow’s leaders. The Ake’s are committed to making sure that future generations experience what they did and more… How wonderful is that?!

Protectors of the A book Protectors of the A book

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