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Payton’s Monthly Sticker Photos : #paytons1STyear

Where has the time gone?  How can my baby girl already be a 1 year old?  Thanks to the help of Instagram and #hastags … I was able to keep a month-by-month milestone keepsake for Patyon, which can be found at #paytons1STyear.  It is so special to look back at all of my sweet messages to her and all of her adorable Monthly Sticker Photos, to see how much she has grown in her first twelve months of life.

Here are Payton’s captured memories…  her Monthly Sticker Photos

:: One Month ::Monthly Sticker Photos

One month old.  Payton, you are an extremely content newborn, and we LOVE you for it! You love to sleep and be snuggled and enjoy all of our undivided attention. #AngelBaby!💕

:: Two Months ::Monthly Sticker Photos

Two months old. Payton, you have been an absolute delight.  You are a very calm & sweet spirit & adore being snuggled with love by all … including your, sometimes smothering, Big Sis Paisley.💕

:: Three Months ::Monthly Sticker Photos

Payton, you are our joyful little one and love to flash your happy smile and giggles when we tickle you! You can hold up your head well, and enjoy seeing everything that is going on around you… especially watching your Big Sister. You are still our snuggly little girl who adores naptime and brings the three of us so much love and laughter. The last three months with you have been filled with bliss! Xoxo💕

:: Four Months ::Monthly Sticker Photos

I am thrilled to have a four month old, this is such a fabulous stage. 😉 Payton you are the *twinkle* to each of our days. Your contagious smile, belly laugh & sweet spirit melt all three of our hearts. We literally find ourselves surrounding you, in hopes to be the one that brings a smile to your face. You are already doing your best to sit up on your own, and you are definitely a second child – you don’t want to miss out on anything (#fomo)! You love rolling around on your back, grabbing both of your feet & chatting away (…in baby talk of course). I can’t say it enough… we have loved the last four months with you, sweet girl, and we are excited to witness your next milestone moment.💕

:: Five Months ::Monthly Sticker Photos

My sweet smiley little gal … how can you already be five months old??!! Now that you have taught yourself to rollover, we all have to keep a closer eye on you … you will be crawling around in no time. {BTW:There is nothing cuter than the excitement & glee you show every time you roll onto your tummy, like it was the first time you accomplished it.} The delight you receive from watching and playing with your sister makes us all so happy. You two are already the best sisters and well on your way to becoming best friends. PLEASE continue to love life, smile often, snuggle in my arms, sleep like an angel and giggle at yourself & your milestone accomplishments! We love  you! xoxo💕

:: Six Months ::Monthly Sticker Photos

Half a year old!… Wow these last six months have flown by. Speaking of flying, we took our 1st cross country trip together & you were a dream-come-true travel buddy! You are a sturdy sitter & now you have progressed to army crawling around… you will be crawling before we know it – Yikes! However, you still adore being held, snuggled and bounced around… thank goodness for baby wearing! You want to hold and chew on everything that comes near you and I can’t keep things far enough out of your reach; sunglasses, jewelry, drinks, food etc. You’re definitely ready for food! You want to be apart of everything and never want to miss out, but no worries your Big Sister keeps you involved in everything she does! Her favorite thing to do is push you around in her baby stroller. You love to chat, shriek, smile, giggle & laugh and you have definitely mastered the art of “blowing raspberries”. Payton Reese, you are such a delight! We are so thankful for you!💕 

:: Seven Months ::Monthly Sticker Photos

Seven months.  I wish I could freeze you exactly where you are, because you are just too cute! Your hair now fits into two tiny little pigtails. Your first bottom tooth has arrived – ouch! Your silly little tongue is always sticking out. You are having way too much fun with baby-talk, and you are doing your best to make “Da-Da” your first word. (Thanks a lot @JimmyFallon! 😉 #dadabook) You are a very messy eater and want to investigate everything within reach. You love rolling and army crawling everywhere and you are trying so hard to push up into a crawling position – scary! But, with all of these new changes and milestones a few things have stayed the same… You are still the happiest, snuggliest, smiliest and sweetest little baby.💕

:: Eight Months ::Monthly Sticker Photos

Eight months old, you did it! Little miss inquisitive, you are crawling everywhere and getting into everything. You have two bottom teeth and eat like a champ. You love nap-time and can’t get enough splashing in during bath time. You ADORE your sweet big sister and want to be right by her side at all times. You really are coming into your own SPUNKY personality and we all love you so much! Keep smiling my love! xoxo💕

:: Nine Months ::Monthly Sticker Photos

Nine precious months, I can’t believe it! Pulling yourself up on your own, crawling everywhere, three adorable sharp teeth, endless smiles, millions of giggles, the sweetest snuggles, babbling baby talk … what more can I say??!! You bring us all so much joy.💕

:: Ten Months ::Monthly Sticker Photos

Ten months, and if you can’t tell from the photo you just learned how to clap … and you are pretty proud of yourself! Every day is a new adventure with you. You already show a strong desire to explore and try new things, and you are constantly wondering off somewhere and getting into mischief (a sign of things to come, I’m sure!).  You want to be standing at all times and you try so hard to be one of the big kids.  You now have 4 front teeth and they are constantly sparkling behind your big joyous smile, and your silly noises and scrunchy facial expressions are the life of every party! You truly are my sweet little love and I am overflowing with thankfulness! 💕

:: Eleven Months ::Monthly Sticker Photos

11 months.  Every day is filled with smiles, giggles and adventures. Your new favorite activity is pulling yourself up on anything and anyone, and you are so proud to stand on your own! You follow your Big Sis around like a little puppy and someday soon you will be able to keep up with her. You are so special to the three of us and we can not believe that in one month you will be our 1 year old toddling around. We are going to cherish this last month with you before your milestone birthday! xoxo 💕

:: Twelve Months ::Monthly Sticker Photos12 months.  Happy 1st Birthday!!! My darling Payton what a blessing you are. One year ago, God gave us the most smiley, inquisitive, loving and quirky little girl. You have blossomed into an independent and daring walker, taking on the world one step at a time. You have been blessed with the ability to warm every ones heart with your smile, and your mommy’s heart with your baby blue eyes.  Payton, I am so excited for your lifetime of milestone moments ahead! Thank you God for making me the mommy to this amazing little girl! 💕

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