4 Items To Make Bath-Time Easier

Can I be honest?… I absolutely DREAD bath-time with my 3 year old!  And apparently I’m not alone… she agrees.  As well behaved as she normally is, bath time is definitely her exception.  My daughter hates it mostly because it means we have to wash her hair, and worse yet… brush it out.  I hate it because the crying and flaying of arms and feet accompanied by the brushing out is a nightmare!  A few months ago, it had gotten bad enough, that both her and I just wanted to skip bath-time altogether… on many nights, we did!   I figured there had to be an easier way, so I started researching.  I came across 4 items that have changed our evenings and become staple items in our bath-time adventures.

Here are the 4 bath-time lifesavers that every struggling parent (& toddler) needs!  

Crayola-Color Bath Dropz: This colorful product has brightened up our bath-time routine, both literally and metaphorically.  My 3 year old daughter has never been a huge fan of baths, (she has always preferred showers) which is difficult now that we have two little ones who need to be bathed every night. This water dying tablet is fragrance-free and tints the bath water with whatever color tablet you choose, and you can even mix colors.  With the help of this Crayola product, we now have a happy and colorful bath time! Click HERE


Wet Brush-Squirt:  My daughter was blessed with a lot of hair, but having this much hair is hard to manage when you are three years old.  It gets tangled easily and it must be washed often; and that is all WAAAAY easier said than done.  Thankfully I have found a solution to this problem, this wet-hair detangling hair brush is my saving grace.  Wet Brush comes in many colors (so of course my purple-loving daughter is happy) and I found the squirt size (similar to a mini-travel size brush) which fits perfectly in her little toddler-sized hand.  The price is right and honestly it works like magic.  My daughter no longer screams or cries after her baths, so I am one happy mommy! Click HERE


It’s A Ten-Miracle Leave-In Product: This product is just like it’s name, ” A Miracle”, especially when coupled with the Wet Brush (above)!  I can’t even tell you how many detangling products we had tried that didn’t work well before we found this one; too many to count.  As I mentioned earlier, my daughter has a lot of hair so trying to brush through it without a detangler is a lost cause.  Let’s face it, little one’s are not patient so if you are trying to brush through their tangles without this product, why bother… it is an absolute nightmare.  I also use this product on my hair after showers and before blow drying, so it get’s a lot of use in our home.  This product is literally a 10 in my books.  I even found a travel size (4oz), so we are never without it.  Click HERE


Munchkin-Letters and Numbers Bath ToysThis fantastic package is filled with 36 foam letters and numbers and have become a favorite with both of my girls.  The colorful array of choices float as well as stick on the side of the tub when wet.  We use them with my toddler to distract her while splashing around in the tub by teaching her letters, spelling, numbers and colors.  Our baby on the other hand, uses them for eye and hand coordination and teething while in the bath.  Thank goodness they are durable and nontoxic.  Win for both. Click HERE


If you are a parent dreading your bath-time routine, stop what you are doing and check out these products!  I hope they bring you and your little one’s a bath-time smile!

What products make your bath-time routine a splish-splashin’ good time?  I would love to know your bath-time secret weapons – please share them below!

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