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Joanna Gaines … Inspired – Fixer Upper

I am in love with the HGTV show Fixer Upper, and then I found out the hosts, Chip and Joanna Gaines, live their life rooted in their faith… so now I adore the show even more!  If you haven’t watched Fixer Upper, run to your DVR and tape it!  It is a show about a family living on a farm in Waco – Texas, who own a company that fixes up older homes with rustic farmhouse chic touches.  The show is rooted around the “fixer upper” they are working on, but it also displays their love for one another and their strong family values.  Seriously, they make me want to drop everything I am doing in Arizona, pack up my family and go live the Waco lifestyle. 🙂

Joana Gaines is an extremely talented and inspiring woman.  I love that she is honest, encouraging and fabulous at what she does, but at the same time very down to earth.  After watching her video testimony from The Gathering, I felt very inspired by her life.  She followed the Lord’s calling, even when it was the hardest decision she had ever had to make.  So often we hear the Lord and what His will is for our lives, but instead of saying “Yes Lord!” we say “no thank you” or “not right now God”.  Thankfully she didn’t do that, and now she is on an incredible platform to be a bright light to this world and at the same time continuing to blossom in the gift that God has blessed her with.

Starting today I encourage you to follow in her footsteps; let’s be at peace when God tells us His will for our lives.  Let’s trust Him with our purpose and let Him guide our paths.  I hope you find her Video Testimony encouraging today and know wherever God has you right now, let Him speak into your life and let’s walk in the truth!

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