Flying With A Baby ~ Carry-On Advice

I recently got home from my first cross country trip, just me and my 6 month old daughter.  It was my first time flying alone (no hubby help) with a little one this young.  With the holiday season upon us, and the busiest travel season of the year, I wanted to share a few items that I brought in my carry-on that made it a happy & successful trip for both of us (and the passengers around us!)

Chewbeads: (Perry Teething Necklace in Turquoise) This necklace is an absolute must!  It is functional & fashionable!  It looks great on mom and it is my little one’s favorite thing to chew on.  This was a perfect item to bring because I didn’t have to fit it in my bag, I just wore it as an accessory to my outfit. Check it out HERE.

WubbaNub: (Giraffe Pacifier) This pacifier is my daughter’s favorite.  It can act as a chewing pacifier, but doubles as a stuffed animal to keep her attention.  This product is genius! Check it out HERE.

Aden + Anais: (Swaddle Blanket) I have been using this specific brand’s swaddle blankets for the last 3 years, and both of my girls have loved them (and I adore this pattern set!). They are very soft, have the sweetest patterns & they are light weight (perfect for Arizona weather).  I carry one blanket with me at all times.  It was the perfect blanket to drape over her carseat for privacy when she was sleeping, or to wrap her in when it got a little chilly on the plane. Check it out HERE.

Dr. Brown’s Bottles: (Pink Bottle Set) Thank you Dr. Brown’s Bottles for coming out with fun new colors!  I love that these bottles are specifically designed to prevent less air bubbles and in return cause less gas, spit-up and burps for our little ones! Win-Win.  I have a bottle on me at all times ready for her next feeding. Check it out HERE.

Bright Starts Teethe & Read Book: (Teether Crinkle Books) This toy is perfect for entertainment and chewing on.  The crinkly noises & different textures kept my little one’s attention for hours, not to mention the rubber teether portions were perfect for take-off and landings, when she wasn’t drinking a bottle. Check it out HERE.


Instead of asking for hot water on the plane to make your little one’s bottle, and waiting for the stewardess to bring it to you … ask the nearest barista in the terminal for a large hot water.  Yes, I know that means the water is practically boiling hot.  But if you plan ahead an hour or so before they would need the bottle, the water gradually cools down in the bottle.  If it still isn’t cool enough just add a splash of your cold water to it, to make it the right temperature. I did this before each flight and found it to be extremely helpful and efficient.  My little one had the warm temperature bottle that she was use to in her time of need, and no one around me was bothered by a fussy baby waiting to be fed.

Traveling with a little one can be such a stress for a mom (amen moms?!), but it doesn’t need to be.  Plan ahead with the right goodies and you will have a smooth flight, a happy baby & thankful passengers around you…  I also recommend praying for kind seat-mates!

Flying With A Baby

So let’s hear it… what items have you found to be “lifesavers” on a flight with your little ones?  Please share any travel tips, I am always looking for something helpful!

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