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I don’t know about you, but I have so much fun making gifts.  It is the perfect opportunity to let my creative juices flow and make something special for someone else.  Sticking with my candy corn theme, today I wanted to share with you this THANKFUL gift I made for Paisley’s preschool teacher.  It is easy, inexpensive and fits along perfectly with what this season is all about … being THANKFUL!  Preschool has been a wonderful opportunity for Paisley to test her independence and spread her wings, and I am so grateful as her mom, that she has a wonderful preschool teacher that provides her with a safe and encouraging environment to do so.

One of my favorite places to find gift making treasures are in the seasonal $1 and $3 bins at Target.  If you haven’t already discovered this section at the front of every Target store, I encourage you to run there now!  All of the items used in this THANKFUL gift were found there.

Items Needed:teacher gift

  • Candy Corn colored mason jar with lid -$3
  • Orange & Black Twine -$1
  • Wooden Tags -$1
  • Chalk Marker – $1
  • Bag of Candy Corn -$2.88


Follow these simple directions:

Pour the bag of candy corn into the mason jar & close it tight with the lid.candy corn

Wrap the twine multiple times around the neck of the jar to add texture and color.candy corn

Write your personalized message on the wooden tag with the chalk marker and black sharpie.wooden tagTie the personalized wooden tag on the neck of the jar with twine to finish off the gift.
IMG_3402Get crafty and have fun with your gift giving!

 What are are some of  your favorite gifts to make for your children’s teachers?

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