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I love sharing a good book. In my new book review series, Recent Reads, I review the books I have recently read and let you know my thoughts and opinions.
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Recent Reads

Over the last few months I’ve been blessed with more time to read due to cuddling a newborn!  I decided to soak up some of our snuggles with tunes on in the background (John Mayer + James Morrison on Pandora) and cozying up with a good book. And in doing so, I have been blessed greatly by quiet time and books that have taken me along for journeys, life stories, laughter, tears and adventures.

I love sharing a good book. In my new book review series, Recent Reads, I review the books I have recently read and let you know my thoughts and opinions.

6 of my favorite Recent Reads

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Matching in Shédo Lane | Stylish Sun Protective Apparel
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Matching in Shédo Lane | Stylish Sun Protective Apparel

As a mama to fair skinned girls who live in Arizona, I am always looking for ways to keep our skin safe from the harsh sun!  I was recently introduced to Shédo Lane from the makers of SwimZip (one of our favorite sun safe swimwear companies).  Shédo Lane is similar to SwimZip in that they use sun protective UPF 50+ fabrics.  But, skin protection is not the only bonus from Shédo Lane clothing.  It is also stylish clothing that is made from the softest material you have ever worn…  no lies!  Their UV sun protective apparel brings together function and fashion, so we can indulge in the sun and not worry.

And good news, Shédo Lane has us all covered (literally!).  They offer clothing for the whole family; men, women, children and babies.  If you know me, you know I love matching my girls.  They are in prime ages where they request it and think it is fun, so I capitalize on the opportunity to match them any chance I get.  Yes, I am one of those moms which makes Shédo Lane a perfect company for us!  Their  apparel comes in different sizes and in the same colors and patterns so I can mix and match the styles between the girls!

Matching in Shédo Lane | Stylish Sun Protective Apparel

My girls are obsessed with their striped swing dresses because they are ridiculously soft.  Laid back comfort coupled with athletic style make them perfect to run around in at the zoo.  The girls love these twirling dresses so much that they even ask to sleep in them, and I don’t blame them.  The dresses fit true to size and come in the perfect colors to layer.

Matching in Shédo Lane | Stylish Sun Protective Apparel Matching in Shédo Lane | Stylish Sun Protective Apparel Matching in Shédo Lane | Stylish Sun Protective Apparel

I love my striped infinity scarf, and yes the fabric matches the girl’s dresses.  I love that it protects my vulnerable neck area and because it is so versatile, it can be worn multiple ways with it’s handy and stylish button up closure.  Wear it completely snapped up like an infinity scarf, unsnap it to wear it casually draped around your neck, or go halvsies and leave it half snapped for a scarf/collar effect. The possibilities are endless!

Matching in Shédo Lane | Stylish Sun Protective Apparel Matching in Shédo Lane | Stylish Sun Protective Apparel Matching in Shédo Lane | Stylish Sun Protective Apparel

I also fell in love with the women’s open back long sleeve shirt.  It has become my favorite workout shirt because of it’s stylish and breathable open back and of course I love the handy thumb holes.  When I am outdoors I am always looking to wear something comfortable, sun safe and this uber soft jersey knit is the winner!  I am not one to show a lot of skin, so I appreciate the modestly open back, the round neckline and a moderately fitted front. Trust me, because it is so soft and cozy, you’ll want to wear it everyday… and I pretty much do!

Matching in Shédo Lane | Stylish Sun Protective Apparel Matching in Shédo Lane | Stylish Sun Protective Apparel Matching in Shédo Lane | Stylish Sun Protective Apparel

All of these items are UPF 50+ sun protection, tag-less and machine washable.  Win-Win-Win.

I also appreciate that family-run Shédo Lane believes in giving back.  They donate 5% of their net profits to non-profit skin cancer fighting organizations.  I love when companies give back. Let’s all support one another!

So what are you waiting for?  Give Shédo Lane a try and pick out your favorite pieces from their sun safe and stylish collection.  You, too, will be amazed at the soft materials and cute looks to choose from.  Next up on my shopping list: kid joggers for my girls, a quarter zip for my hubby and  a snuggle wrap for myself!  So may great options!

Happy sun-safe shopping!

I received some of these items in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.  This post contains affiliate links.  If you decide to make a purchase through my link, I will make a small commission for it. This doesn’t cost you anything additional. These commissions help to keep the rest of my content free. Thank you!

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#JustSTART | STARTplanner
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#JustSTART | STARTplanner

It is always smart to plan ahead and with this STARTplanner I am about to start 2017 off right. 

I am so grateful for my 2016, it was filled with many wonderful blessings. 💜 I love that every December I get to spend quiet time looking back at my year in review and begin goal setting for the new year ahead. I am so excited for the special things coming in 2017 and I can’t wait to fill up this beautiful STARTplanner, it is going to be the perfect way to stay organized in the busy season ahead.

#JustSTART | STARTplanner

If you are a planner-lover like me, or just enjoy staying organized… This is the planner you need in your life!  Goals are rarely achieved without proper planning, organizing and preparing yourself for success. Continue Reading

Thoughtfully Gifted - Chip Chip Hooray
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Thoughtfully Gifted – Chip Chip Hooray

When you gift, gift a story. – Thoughtfully gifted

To me a gift is so much more than a present. Every gift tells a story, from the wrapping paper to the meaning behind the gift.   Do you ever wish you could mail the PERFECT gift to a friend that would brighten their day, make their birthday extra special or just send some extra love??!!  Well I have the perfect company for you!

Let me introduce you to Thoughtfully.  Thoughtfully is a gifting company that is creating a new gifting experience much more exciting than the traditional gift basket.  Thoughtfully believes that a gift should last long after the beautiful wrappings have been torn away. Thoughtfully creates unique gifts that tell a story – a curated adventure perfect for each special individual in your life.

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Cozy Up With SoCozy : Kids Styling Products
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Cozy Up With SoCozy : Kids Bath-Time & Styling Products

This post is sponsored by SoCozy.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

True story: My 4 year old has never had a hair cut… crazy right?!  She has very long, naturally straight hair, and I love it.  That being said, if there is one thing I don’t love about her hair… it’s the tangles we battle on a daily basis! Extra long hair means extra tangles and extra frustration to untangle.  I don’t know if you have ever tried to comb through tangly bed-head before, but it is a chore, especially when you are working with an irrational toddler who doesn’t fully understand it’s importance.  Brushing, combing, and styling her hair is like WWIII in our home, every single day.  I have been {almost} desperate for a product that would be kid-friendly and help make this daily routine easier… and I’ve finally found it!  Let me introduce you to our new bath-time friend – SoCozy. Continue Reading

The Best Pool Day Tote Bag - Adornlee
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The BEST Pool Day Tote Bag | Adornlee


Adornlee has done it again… this is the best bag for a pool/beach day!!! I have taken it on two resort staycations now and I am officially obsessed with it! I have received so many comments and messages for details on it, so I wanted to take a minute and share with you all of the specifics, because honestly… It is Ahh-mazing!

••••••••••••Hello Sunshine - Adornlee Tote Bag
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Packing Tips and Tricks
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Traveling with Kids | Packing & Carry-On Tips & Tricks + Adornlee Shop Feature

Packing Up & Heading Out | Traveling with Kids

Packing for a vacation with 2 little ones can be a N-I-G-H-T-M-A-R-E.  Until you’ve done it, it’s easy to underestimate the time required and logistical management necessary to do it WELL.  Although my husband would disagree, I wouldn’t say that I am an overpacker, BUT… I definitely don’t want to be missing something on a trip!  For this reason, I take the time to plan ahead and have found a few ways to make this daunting task a little more do-able and a little less miserable.

Since vacation season is in fullswing, I thought I would share with you some of my most helpful packing tips & tricks!  Continue Reading


Datebox – Growth

I am much more me when I’m with you. – Datebox

For our 8th wedding anniversary, I wanted to share a special date with my husband, but I was looking for something a little outside our box.  Ironically enough, a friend of mine recommended something inside a box: a Datebox.

Datebox is a subscription box company that you pre-order online and every month a unique box containing everything you need for a fun and creative date is delivered to your door step. Each month the box has a different theme and activity inside that allows you an opportunity to create a special memory.
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Raising Girls
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Raising Girls

If I could have asked my younger self where I would be at age 31… I promise you I never would have imagined a mom to two beautiful girls! I always thought that I would make a great boy-mom, and truly anticipated having a home full of dirt-covered little dudes and a family room covered in sports balls and legos!  BOY was I wrong! God has a great sense of humor.  Instead I have a home full of princess dresses, an over-sized bright-pink Barbie Dream house, drawers of bows and headbands, and baby dolls around every corner… and the crazy part is, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Raising Girls

It is true when they say Jesus has you exactly where you should be. I have never felt so blessed for my family and my surroundings.  Continue Reading

SwimZip swimwear
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Mommy Break {Featuring : SwimZip} Sun Safe & Stylish Swimwear

:: Splash into summer in style with this adorable, sun safe swimwear line.  Let me introduce you to SwimZip. ::

{GIVEAWAY details at the end of this post}

As my family likes to jokingly point out, I am one fair-skinned mama!… So naturally, my poor kiddos inherited fair skin too.  As residents of Arizona, it is a daily challenge to keep us all protected from the sun while doing life outside.  But when I came across the brand SwimZip, I was thrilled to learn that their adorable swimwear products protect from harmful UV rays with SPF 50+ sun-protected material and is fashionable enough to be worn anywhere.  This company is my dream come true!

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