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Our Month In 9 Squares - July 2017
Our Month in 9 Squares

Our Month In 9 Squares – July 2017

Dear July 2017,

You were a very toasty month for us in AZ so we enjoyed our California beach getaway. You were also a month filled with milestone moments for our first born. She got her first haircut, started Kindergarten and celebrated her fifth birthday! So many sweet and bittersweet moments. Our littlest one started dance and it has become a highlight of each week.  There is something so cute about a 2 year old fluttering around in a leotard and tutu.

We have so much to be thankful for and looking back at these 9 photos is such a great reminder to be present and enjoy every minute. #feelingblessed

August, my only hope is that you bring more monsoon weather and of course more FUN!!!

:: Our Month in 9 Squares – July 2017 ::


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Our Month in 9 Squares - May 2017
Our Month in 9 Squares

Our Month in 9 Squares – May 2017

Dear May 2017,

I guess time flies when you’re having fun! May, where did you go!?…  You brought the end of preschool and with it an excited heart that awaits the start of kindergarten… que mommy tears! We spent all month in swim lessons, so we are now ready for summer and official pool season!

We were blessed with family in town and some long overdue family fun!  And of course, who can forget Mother’s Day… I was spoiled by my loves.  I even got to break away for a mini staycation with my BFF for some much needed kid-free girl time, whoop-whoop!  As I look back on all of the fun times and memories that were made, I’m realizing that May 2017 completely exceeded my expectations!

June… You have some big shoes to fill, so let’s bring on the SUMMER fun!… and go easy on us with those triple digit temperatures!  #arizonaliving #thestruggleisreal

:: Our Month in 9 Squares – May 2017 ::

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Angel Food Ice Cream Cake | It's Heavenly!
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Angel Food Ice Cream Cake | It’s Heavenly!

Looking for the coolest dessert to serve for your upcoming summer BBQ or Memorial Day gathering? A dessert that can feed a large group and have your guests begging for more?  This simple recipe covers all of those desires, it is easy to make and only requires a few delicious ingredients!  And it combines some of what I consider to be dessert staples; cake, ice cream, chocolate and strawberries!  What more could you ask for?

This dessert is pure heaven, but don’t just take it from me… Try it for yourself!

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What My Girls Are Wearing | Matching Easter Dresses

What My Girls Are Wearing | Matching Easter Dresses

Easter is here! I absolutely love this time of year.  From Palm Sunday to Good Friday to Easter… it’s all about Jesus, and its so exciting to teach my girls that He is Risen, He is Risen indeed! I also love all of the Easter festivities such as egg hunts and matching Easter dresses.  When I was a little girl, my parents were intentional in teaching us all about Jesus during this wonderful and special time, and of course, they added in ridiculous amounts of candy, eggs, and bunny rabbits!  A special memory I have as a little girl growing up was getting a new dress every year for Easter.  Every year my mom would dress my sister and I in new fluffy tule matching dresses, while matching my little brother in his darling suspenders.  Some of my favorite family photos are those taken on Easter in our Sunday best.  Knowing how much I love that tradition, I have continued it with my girls and thank goodness they love to match!

What My Girls Are Wearing | Matching Easter Dresses

Every year, immediately after Christmas, I start looking for darling and affordable Easter looks… terrible, I know.  This year I fell for these bright floral dresses.  I love going with a pop of color mixed with a cheerful pattern. Easter is such a happy and springy time, and as their momma, I believe their outfits should embody that!  Enjoy these sweet Easter photos, and remember the perfect accessory this Easter is a matching or festive basket! 😉

What My Girls Are Wearing | Matching Easter Dresses

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Styled Easter Brunch With Just Destiny Mag + World Market

Styled Easter Brunch With Just Destiny Mag + World Market

I have been so excited to share this with you!  I was honored with the opportunity to model on a Just Destiny Mag and World Market Styled Easter Brunch collaboration.  It was a fun filled day of watching the talented Destiny work her magic with fabulous pieces from World Market.  I was able to test out all of the yummy recipes, indulge on the eye candy that is the decorations and learn from the best when it comes to designing a themed tables-cape.  Destiny has every aspect covered for your Easter brunch from one-of-a-kind recipes, matching decor, bunco cards/gifts and so much more.  Thanks to Destiny and World Market we can all throw an Easter gathering that is one for the books!

If you are not familiar with Just Destiny Mag let me spill the beans.  Destiny is a lifestyle blogger, designer, wife to her Mr. Right, mom of 3 and a sweet friend of mine since high school.  She lives her life rooted in her faith and gives God all of the glory.  Check out her online publication HERE and get ready to drool over all of her creative projects.

Styled Easter Brunch With Just Destiny Mag + World Market

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She's Two Fancy | 2nd Birthday Party
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She’s Two Fancy | 2nd Birthday Party

My baby is two so you know what that means – PARTY time!

Since we did the big first birthday party, we decided to scale back this year and just celebrate with a few close family members.  But, just because it is a small party doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a festive theme and cute decorative touches! I decided to hit up Target (one of my favorite spots) for all of the birthday decor and as usual I found more than enough goodies.

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Two much fun! Happy 2nd Birthday Payton!

TWO Much Fun – Happy Birthday Payton

When I look back on these last two years with Payton, the one word that comes to mind is… FUN!  Two years ago today my quirky, smiley, and independent baby girl joined our family, and made me a mom for the second time, and Praise God, life has never been the same!

Two much fun! Happy 2nd Birthday Payton!

I didn’t know what to expect when I found out we were having our second daughter. I naively thought that she would be just like her older sister. Boy was I wrong, Payton Reese is quite literally the complete opposite of her Big Sis!  God has quite a sense of humor and I’m sure He has loved watching me grow and nurture my sweet little mini-me. And mini-me she is!… Payton reminds me so much of me as a child, and sometimes that can be scary, but it has given us an extra special bond from day one!

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You BLOW Me Away, VALENTINE | Bubble Tutorial

You Blow Me Away, VALENTINE | Bubble Tutorial

I love making creative Valentine’s Day cards with my daughter. It is a fun way for us to get crafty together and make something sweet for others.  I appreciate any chance I get to teach her to give unto others.  Last year we made Bracelet Valentines and this year we went with a bubble theme.  All things girly over here, of course.  Here is how we made our cute valentines, I hope you enjoy this bubbling-fun Valentine’s Day tutorial!

You BLOW Me Away, VALENTINE | Bubble Tutorial

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