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Halloween Costumes 2018! Our trip down Halloween costume memory lane and good costume ideas for kids and babies! (Violet Incredible, Candy Corn & Dinosaur)
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Halloween Costumes 2018

Yet again, this year I decided to let the girls pick costumes that resemble their personalities.  My girls are the epitome of opposites, one is a perfectionist that likes pretty and sparkly things and the other likes to be goofy and silly most of the time.  So their costume choices this year did not come as a surprise to me.

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Halloween Costumes 2016

Halloween Costumes 2016

I absolutely love picking out costumes for my girls every year.  Now that Paisley is 4.5 years old, she definitely knows what she likes and it was so much fun hearing her ideas.  She told me that she wanted a costume that she could coordinate with her little sister, and she told me exactly what her sister should be.  Good thing Payton can’t talk yet, or I’m sure we wouldn’t hear the end of it!  The final outcome is absolutely adorable and I am so excited for Trick Or Treating this year. But first… A recap. Continue Reading