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Let's teach our kids responsibility, one sticker at a time. I have created an easy to use Sticker Chart + Free Printables to make your mom-life easier!
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Mommy’s Big Helper – Sticker Chart + Free Printables

I don’t know about you, but mornings can be extremely hectic around our house! Now that my oldest daughter is in kindergarten, and a new baby is right around the corner, it’s time she steps up her “help mom out” game a bit more to help manage that chaos of our life!  We just started Spring Break and I figured it was the perfect time for her to own a bit more responsibility around the house.

As a momma on the go, our days can be pretty unpredictable, so I decided to use a morning sticker chart to give her a routine.  The goal is that she would choose to help out without always being asked or told to do so.  Now that she is learning to read, responds well to positive affirmation and loves rewards, a sticker chart was the perfect option for us!

Mommy's Big Helper - Free Printable Sticker Chart

With baby #3 on the way, I am hoping that after 2 weeks of Spring Break, she will have her morning routine down and can carry it on into the rest of the school year, and hopefully create a sense of willingness to be a big helper for me when I’m busy with baby.  My other secret goal is that our 3 year old will see her big sister earning stickers and want to join in on the fun too! WINS all around – A mom can dream!  (I will keep you posted on the success of this secret goal!)

I created this sticker chart with just a few of the morning tasks that happen every day in our home. These are tasks that she can finish on her own, and she should be able to succeed in and be proud of! As she grows and matures over time, this sticker chart will look a little different.  I also left a few bonus spots on the chart to add fun twists to her normal routine… Gotta keep her on her toes!   I will keep a folder for her to save her finished charts in, so she can look back on all of the good that she accomplished/stickers received (insert visual affirmation) and if she makes it through each full chart for a whole week I will have a small prize waiting for her at the end (i.e.- new book, markers, candy, etc).

Mommy's Big Helper - Free Printable Sticker Chart


Mommy's Big Helper - Free Printable Sticker Chart

I hope this FREE PRINTABLE CHART comes in handy in your home as well, and our growing littles can begin to do their share and earn their keep. (JK, but seriously – haha!)

Mommy's Big Helper - Free Printable Sticker Chart

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summer activity sheets
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Summer Activity Sheets + FREE PRINTABLES

School has only been out for only a few weeks and my daughter is already missing her craft and color time. My daughter definitely inherited the artsy-bug!  She loves to draw and color and will do so on just about anything if I don’t keep an eye on her!  She has already colored her way through multiple coloring books, so I decided it was time to give her something to color on that is a little more educational. She loves working on coloring in the lines and is fascinated with the alphabet, numbers and shapes, so I decided to make a few activity sheets that she can have fun coloring, but also (secretly) use as an aid to refresh her memory with things she learned in school this year.  I also love that at any time I can just print out new sheets and let her creative juices flow again and again.

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