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That’s A Wrap! Holiday Season 2015 {Recap}

Our holiday season was filled with family, fun memories and exciting events… but I must say I am still exhausted.  I feel like I am finally getting caught up on normal life and actually getting around to cleaning the house. Yikes! #thestruggleisreal 

 I took some time to look back on all of the fun we had with our two littles, and I am so thankful for our first holiday season as a family of four.  Enjoy a photo {recap} of some of our festive holiday memories. Continue Reading


Santa Success! Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Our visit to Santa was a success this year, well at least for one of my girls!  We adore the rustic Santa setup at Bass Pro Shop and have made it a holiday tradition to visit every December.  This is our 3rd year, and we were so glad to see it is still is the same authentic Jolly Old Saint Nick!  For the first time, Paisley happily walked right up to Santa and smiled for the camera with glee.  I think she finally realized that if you smile with Santa you receive a candy cane.  But, in true Wodiske girl fashion, poor little Payton was not a fan and is now following in Big Sister’s footsteps.  I guess that means in 2 years I will have both of my girls smiling on Santa’s lap.  Truthfully, I love the crying face and wouldn’t trade it for a smile! Continue Reading


SNOW – Much – Fun!

Last weekend we traveled to the mountains of Arizona to celebrate an early Christmas with our family.  We were able to experience the chilly Decem-BURRR weather and even find some snow!  We got all bundled up (my favorite!) had snowball fights and of course took many family snowfies.  It was Payton’s first experience with snow and she seemed to really enjoy it, or at least be mesmerized by it.  It was a highlight of our weekend and I had to share some of our snowy adventures! Continue Reading

Christmas Tablescape - table

Eat, Drink & Be Merry | Christmas Themed Tablescapes

I don’t know about you but I love a beautiful & decked-out Christmas themed tables cape! I also know that I have an extreme dislike for hand-washing all of the crystal dishes after the meal.  This Christmas, I have decided to forgo dish washing altogether and ultimately lessen the stress of the day!  I came up with a creative, inexpensive and beautiful table set up, all of which will be easily thrown away after it’s use.  An easy clean up will allow for more quality time shared with my loved ones.

I have created a sample adult and kids table to show you just how easy it can be to  make your table look fantastic, while keeping everything disposable and easy on the clean up.  Simple little touches can go a long way and make your table special! Continue Reading


Reindeer Foot – Personalized Christmas Gift

Every year my daughter and I get crafty and make handmade gifts for all of the grandparents.  It is my way of teaching my girls that not all gifts need to be store bought, and the sentiment behind a homemade gift is extra special.

The gift we made last year went over so well that I wanted to share my easy tutorial with you.  If you are anything like me and you are still scrambling to find the perfect item to make, this is a great and easy option. Continue Reading


Christmas Light Displays & Crock Pot Potato Soup … The Perfect Combination

It’s truly is the most wonderful time of the year! Holiday events and Christmas light displays around every corner, there is nothing more magical!  With two small girls and FA-LA-LA-LA-LAmazing Arizona weather, there is nothing better than wondering around neighborhoods enjoying the sparkle of the season.  I love bundling up in scarfs and gloves, (with a warm latte in hand, of course) and sharing the joy of Christmas with my hubby and our girls.  But let’s be honest, by the time we all get home from our chilly adventure everyone is hangry!  I want to share with you my secret to enjoying a great night out and a peaceful and warm homecoming.  Thanks to Paula Deen’s Potato Soup recipe, we all can come home to a hot crock pot of heaven.  Literally, it is amazing!  This recipe is extremely simple, only a few ingredients and with the ease of crockpot cooking, we can let the crockpot do all of the heavy lifting while we are out making memories with our little ones.  Amen! Continue Reading

CREATE, DIY, Holidays

Christmas Card Holder – DIY Tutorial

Christmas cards are filling up my mailbox and I could’t be more excited! I absolutely love displaying our loved ones Christmas Cards for all to see, it is probably one of my favorite aspects of Christmas decorating.  This year I decided instead of purchasing a Christmas card holder or throwing all of our cards into a bowl, that I would get creative and make my own.  I visited my nearby Hobby Lobby store to get some inspiration, and ended up leaving with an easy and perfect project to create, (because lets be real, who doesn’t love a good holiday inspired craft project?!) Continue Reading


It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like CHRISTMAS

In my home, Christmas decorating has a way of jumpstarting the Holiday spirit!  This year I decided to decorate early, because I wanted to enjoy the spirit of Christmas for more than just a month.  The holidays have always been special to me, but I had no idea how much better the season would be when shared with my kiddos!  There is something about watching their eyes light up as they plug in the Christmas tree each day, or the joy Paisley has when she belts out her 3-yr old rendition of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”… truly a special time of year! Continue Reading