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THANKFUL – Teacher Gift

I don’t know about you, but I have so much fun making gifts.  It is the perfect opportunity to let my creative juices flow and make something special for someone else.  Sticking with my candy corn theme, today I wanted to share with you this THANKFUL gift I made for Paisley’s preschool teacher.  It is easy, inexpensive and fits along perfectly with what this season is all about … being THANKFUL!  Preschool has been a wonderful opportunity for Paisley to test her independence and spread her wings, and I am so grateful as her mom, that she has a wonderful preschool teacher that provides her with a safe and encouraging environment to do so. Continue Reading


Scrumptiously Adorable!

When my oldest daughter, Paisley, was 4 months old, I got this crazy idea to take photos of her in a tub of candy corn.  Don’t ask, I have no idea!… But to this day, those photos definitely have a “sweet” spot in my heart.  So of course, I had to reenact this photo-shoot with Payton, my 7 month old.  One thing I learned this time around is that Payton (3 months older than Paisley was) already had a sweet tooth, and I had a hard time keeping the candy corn out of her mouth! Continue Reading

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Candy Corn Harvest Mix | Fall Recipe

This time of year just screams, “Let’s eat lot’s of CANDY CORN”!!!

My Candy Corn Harvest Mix recipe is quite simple and marries a few of my favorite flavors into one delicious snack.  This mix is the perfect concoction to throw together not only because it is easy and tastes so good, but because it looks so good with all of the fall colors combined!  Have it in a bowl on your counter, bring it to a holiday party or bible study, snack on it while watching football or even bag-it-up and pass it along as a yummy gift; it is the perfect snack mix for every occasion – Enjoy! Continue Reading