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Personalized Gift Giving Guide | Shutterfly
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Personalized Gift Giving Guide | Shutterfly

The way to my heart is through a personalized gift.  I am all about the sentiment behind a well thought out and creatively unique gift.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, to me, it’s the little touches that go along way.  So I have teamed up with Shutterfly, the master of everything personalized, to guide you through some of my favorite personalized gifts to help you give the gift of PERSONALIZATION this year!  With Shutterfly, personalized gift giving is so easy and definitely the way to go this holiday season.


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Monthly MUST Haves - October
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Monthly MUST Haves – October 2016

Monthly MUST Haves is a monthly recap on products, services or companies that have caught my attention, or that I have fallen in love with over the last month.  A fun way for me to share random things that make me happy, in hopes that they might bring you joy as well!

Here are my October Monthly MUST Haves… these items would all make great gifts for the upcoming holidays! (Hint…hint!)

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Let's Cuddle with Gentry California & Kid Friendly Holiday Movies
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Let’s Cuddle with Gentry California & Kid Friendly Holiday Movies

I don’t know about you, but I am beyond excited for the holidays this year.  I love decorating the house, the chilly weather and the cozy and snuggly times shared with my family.  One of our favorite holiday traditions is cuddling up with the girls, and watching our favorite holiday movies.  We love to put on our favorite pajamas, snack on goodies and get into the holiday spirit.  It is a tradition that my girls have come to love and look forward to, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Let's Cuddle with Gentry California & Kid Friendly Holiday Movies

This year I decided I was going to go all out and surprise the girls with matching pajamas, and I found the perfect shop to get them at.  If you haven’t heard of Gentry California, you are in for a treat.  When I came across this mom-owned adorable shop, I fell in love!  Gentry California specialized in monogrammed and personalized apparel for babies, children and women and everything is beyond fabulous! Continue Reading

This Winter BUNDLE UP In Style | Featuring The Children's Place
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This Winter BUNDLE UP In Style | Featuring The Children’s Place

I love jackets, scarfs, hats, gloves and just about anything winter clothes related. So when it comes to picking out adorable winter looks for my girls, I have way too much fun!  Contrary to popular belief, Phoenix can still get chilly in the winter. Subzero? No.  Teens to 30’s? You betchya.  For this reason, I need to get my girls ready for the change in season.  For my little ones, I love bundling them up in the marshmallow-like puffer jackets with a coordinating hat. There is nothing cuter in my mind than a BUNDLED marshmallow running around!

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Halloween Costumes 2016

Halloween Costumes 2016

I absolutely love picking out costumes for my girls every year.  Now that Paisley is 4.5 years old, she definitely knows what she likes and it was so much fun hearing her ideas.  She told me that she wanted a costume that she could coordinate with her little sister, and she told me exactly what her sister should be.  Good thing Payton can’t talk yet, or I’m sure we wouldn’t hear the end of it!  The final outcome is absolutely adorable and I am so excited for Trick Or Treating this year. But first… A recap. Continue Reading

From Summer To Fall | Transitioning Your Graphic Tees

Autumn Attire: From Summer To Fall – Transitioning Your Graphic Tees

I am always looking for a way to successfully transition my seasonal looks into my already steady wardrobe.  I love to find ways to mix and match my previously owned clothing with new trendy pieces.  One item that I love mixing around with each season are my graphic tees.  I have a couple staple tees that I adore and with a few minor tweaks and accessories, I can transition my summer look into a fall look, all while still wearing my graphic tees on the regular.

Here are a few of my favorite graphic tee looks mixed in with my fall favorites…

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The Best Pool Day Tote Bag - Adornlee
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The BEST Pool Day Tote Bag | Adornlee


Adornlee has done it again… this is the best bag for a pool/beach day!!! I have taken it on two resort staycations now and I am officially obsessed with it! I have received so many comments and messages for details on it, so I wanted to take a minute and share with you all of the specifics, because honestly… It is Ahh-mazing!

••••••••••••Hello Sunshine - Adornlee Tote Bag
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